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Using ODG from the Neo4j Web Console

The ODG query interface should suffice for many operations, and the command-line interface supports only certain analyses. If you have more advanced queries to run, you can interact with ODG’s generated database from nearly any programming language, using a library or package, via the REST API, or through Neo4j’s Web Console. This tutorial will cover accessing it via… Read More »

ODG, the Omics Database Generator, has been published

ODG: Omics Database Generator has been published in BMC Bioinformatics and is available online now. ODG is a tool that allows users to supply -omics data and ODG will integrate the data into a coherent database and generate a web-based user-interface. Advanced users can query the database directly, through a programming language or by using the CYPHER query language. ODG uses Neo4j’s… Read More »

Experimenting with Pulsar in Clojure

I’ve now started using Pulsar instead of trying out core.async as I needed a lightweight barrier to entry. The problem: My database of choice (Neo4j) takes batch insertions in a single thread only, but clojure is by its very nature multi-threaded/concurrent/parallel (the exact wording of which I am no longer certain!). I process many files when building the… Read More »

Graph Database example using Gene Ontology – Part 1

The Gene Ontology project is a useful tool for anyone doing genomics. It’s a highly relational and controlled vocabulary, making it ideal for use in a graph database. In this example I will show you what a graph database is, and throughout this series we will create a graph database of GO terms, properly linked, inside the Neo4j… Read More »